Nutritional Needs According To The Age

It is a fact that our bodies are changing over the time and with that the body needs aren’t the same, they change as well. For example the diet and the food that you can eat without any problem in the early 30s can be not just the cause for gaining weight but for some health problems as well in the 50s.

So what should you eat in the 20s ?

Nutrition in your 20s – Eat a lot of milk products, because your bones still grow, and you should avoid alcohol completely, because of the bad impact on your health and skin. Strict diets in this period are unacceptable!


Nutrition in your 30s – You begin to feel a lack of energy and tiredness, and that’s why the stimulus like coffee, should be replaced with dried fruits, especially apricots and apples, as well as whole grains. Eat as less sugar as you can and unhealthy fats too to keep you body weight and stay fit.

Nutrition in your 40s – In this period, the first signs of anemia show up, and that’s why experts suggest quality red meat, fruits and green vegetables. Stay away from sweets because during your 40s is you’ll find hard time to burn calories, so you can easily gain extra weight.

Nutrition in your 50s – In this period, your immune system weakens, and you should consume more probiotic food and drink more water. Eat more vegetables and fish, while the cured meat should be skipped from your nutrition.

Nutrition after your 70s – If you have survived till now, you doing pretty good with your diet and You nutrition should be based on fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, but don’t forget to consume liquids too, especially water!

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