What are The Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel And Coconut Oil Mixture?

If your want to protect your skin from aging and want to have a smooth skin, then this is the combination you need. Additionally this mixture will also help you if you are having problems with you nails.

Believe it or not, this amazing mixture will make your skin feels softer than the skin of babies. So why combine these two ingredients ? What makes them so special see below:

  • aloe Vera can do excellent things for the skin like treatment of sunburns, soothing of irritated skin and rashes, decrease of scars and age spots, and hydration of the skin.
  • coconut oil can slow down the process of aging, soften the skin, better numerous skin conditions, and moisturize the skin.

What is the recipe and how to prepare your own Mosturizer

First things first, you will need aloe Vera, coconut oil, and some essential oil of your choice.

For the preparation part, combine two tbsp of coconut oil, 3 tbsp of aloe Vera gel, and five drops of essential oil. If you are a child, pregnant, or nursing, you should avoid this step. For a lighter feel on your skin, whip the mixture.

You can either purchase aloe Vera gel or remove it from the plant yourself if you have one at home. The Little Green Dot explains the process. Hence, the leaf is first removed from the plant and next the spine of the leaf needs to be cut down and then the rind removed. Once the gel is exposed, it should be filleted out.

But Please  be careful and remove the smelly sap in between the rind and the gel as it can be a skin irritant, according to Little Green Dot. DIY Home Remedy claims that this combination is very powerful due to the moisturizing properties in both ingredients which make it an excellent source of hydration for the skin and hair.

Moreover, the mixture is also exceptional in the treatment of wrinkles, fungus, and healing of wounds and minor burns.

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