Whiten Your Teeth Without Visiting Your Dentist! See the Remedy

Even though your teeth are healthy and you are scared to visit the dentist, but you still want to have whiter teeth right ? We all want that and therefore we are buying all of the expensive stuff which actually doesn’t help at all. But there is way more effective and cheaper option to go for it. In the end, you won’t lose anything.

It is not just the food that ruins our smile, but nicotine, coffee, sweets and other  things are one of the most common reasons not to have white teeth.

To try this trick, you will need :

  1. new toothbrush (which will be used just for this trick)
  2. activated charcoal capsules

Once you have that ready, do the following :

First of all, soak your toothbrush in some normal tap water.


After that, you need to scrub your teeth like you normally do: brush in circles and don’t forget to brush the back of your teeth. At first, it may be a bit powdery. If you want, plop on a blob of normal toothpaste on top of the charcoal.

After 3 or 4 minutes of scrubbing your teeth, you should rinse them generously with water— and hey presto: teeth as brilliant as an April morning! You will feel fantastic and clean, so make sure to try it out.

Eliminate all overprices and unhealthy toothpastes or whitening agents. Many people who have already tried this trick with charcoal, swear by its beneficial properties for their teeth.

Please note and Make sure to use this method once a week and at the end of a month, you will be amazed by the results.


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