Having Headache? Instead of Aspirin Try This Forehead Massage

If you are having a headache which just won’t go away, before you grab an aspirin or any other pills, why don’t you try this ancient Chinese forehead massage? Since it has been there for centuries, there got to be a reason why the massage has been passed on generations and generations.

Follow  the instructions to learn how you need to perform this massage for optimal results as well as some other points regarding this amazing massage, in the end it doesn’t cost a thing, it can just help you.Image result for forehead massage

The instructions are the following :

Your massage needs to be focused on your governing meridian- the area located on the center of your forehead, running down to the center of your face. When stimulated, it can release the built up energy which is blocked inside the skin. Also, it will restore balance.

Use gentle, movements while massaging, similar to pushing a crosswalk signal or an elevator button.


Choosing acupressure over conventional medicine as treatment is a powerful choice which shows that you won’t let modern medicine control your way of life. Moreover, there are many other techniques of noninvasive, traditional, Chinese medicine that can improve your overall wellbeing and treat pain.


MRI technology has the ability to see how different body areas are affected when pressure is applied to another area. When the previously mentioned meridian on the forehead is massaged, the stimulation in your face and hands increases.


Researchers were amazed when they discovered the effects of this massage. During the massage, certain centers in the brain alleviate nerve tension and increase production of positive metabolism. What’s more, this massage reverses wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones. After the massage, the face is rejuvenated.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that this massage will always and in all cases help, but it is worth trying. However if your headache is not going away for more than two days, don’t just wait but pay a visit to your doctor to find the reason for the headache.

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